What Type Of TRAVLR Are You?

Jun 04, 2019
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So you’ve got your next dream destination in mind...but you don’t know where to start. First things first….what type of TRAVLR are you?

Once you know what you’re looking for on your next trip, it’ll be easier to plan the perfect holiday, be it a relaxing retreat, an adventure-filled journey, or a culture-focused exploration.

Read on to find out what type of TRAVLR you are and share it with us!


Maybe you’re on a sabbatical to discover yourself or you’re interested in meeting other like-minded travellers. Either way, you’ve plucked up the courage to roam the globe on your own and we applaud you for that. Usually you’ll either have a pre-planned itinerary or choose to just wing it, because spontaneity can be good for the soul.

If you’re seeking some trip inspiration, make sure you check out our shortlists - compiled by the TRAVLR team and travellers from all around the world. Check out places you’d like to visit and create your own shortlist and itinerary on TRAVLR so you can share them with others!

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For you, an incredible adrenaline rush beats coffee any day. You’re always on the hunt for your next high (with a Go-Pro in hand) whether that means exploring the depths of the ocean, discovering hidden gems and off-beaten paths or doing heart-pumping activities like skydiving and white water rafting.

Check out all the exciting activities we have on offer on TRAVLR and book them directly on the website, easy peasy! Also, check out our experiences and tours for great discounts on your next adventure.

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You’re the one enjoying a glass of top-quality bubbles on your private daybed by the pool at the newest luxurious villa that just opened. At 11am you’ll be whisked away to a relaxing spa session at one of the best venues, and your dinner is a lavish 5-course meal by one of the top chefs in town.

Of course this doesn’t mean you’re always ready to splurge on everything. Great news—we’ve got loads of deals and exclusive offers on TRAVLR, which means you can now enjoy your well-deserved R&R without burning a hole in your pocket.


In your mind, the trip is planned with precision but in reality everything unravels the moment you and the tribe leave the house. And let’s not kid ourselves: the ones calling the shots are usually aged three to 15, and their demands will have to be met.

Months before your trip you’re already scouring the web desperately for family travel tips and recommended family-friendly accommodation, restaurants, activities—anything that’ll help make your trip less stressful. No worries, we’ve got tons of amazing recommendations (and deals) on the TRAVLR site so you can definitely have the best family vacation ever!


You travel so you can take a breather from everything for a while, so your end goal is to relax. Your plans include: chilling and soaking up the sun at the beach, getting incredible massages or facials, and ordering room service just because you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

On TRAVLR we’ve gathered some of the best tips and recommendations to help you reach ultimate bliss during your next trip. Oh, and we’re also working with top spas to get you amazing deals so make sure you bookmark them!


To you, experiences are valued just as highly as mandatory tourist sights. You’re always ready for just about anything that shows you the way the locals live and you’ve been planning your must-do’s months before your trip.

From learning how to cook traditional local dishes to picking up a new skill of weaving or fire-dancing in a small village, you’re always happy to immerse yourself in the local culture. You also have a long list of all the historical sites and beautiful temples you just need to visit. Want to breeze through everything on your next trip? Check out all the experiences and tours (with a private guide/chauffeur) on TRAVLR.

Regardless of the type of traveller you may be, TRAVLR has something for everyone. We’d also love to help you create your perfect vacation! Go ahead and make it happen—dream, plan and book your next dream solo/adventure/family trip with us today.