Travel Agents vs Doing It Yourself

Jun 04, 2019
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Remember those days when you’d have to chat with a travel agent in order to book a trip? Then the Internet came and things like flipping through mountains of maps and travel brochures are now distant memories.

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These days you’re planning out your dream vacation by browsing through this massive online library for flight deals, accommodation, and putting together a super long list of must-see’s and do’s. Travelling and everything that goes behind it has definitely come a long way but we know folks who still like to get the expert opinion sometimes.

That’s why we’ve created TRAVLR—so you get the best of both worlds and get to be your own travel agent. So here’s our take on why you should DIY your next vacay.

For all its conveniences, the Internet can be pretty overwhelming, especially since there are millions of pages filled with information for almost every search that you do. You don’t know where to start and sometimes you’ll spend hours squinting in front of the screen comparing prices from tons of providers.

That’s where travel agents come in—they can short-circuit the search process because they are the experts on the region. They’ve usually “been there, done that” so they can book you the best flights, hotels, and offer top-notch recommendations on where to eat and sightsee. The downside? Sometimes you pay way more than if you were to plan your own trip.

Travel agents bring with them a wealth of experience and industry connections but they don’t always present you with the cheapest options. Often times you’d find a better deal online; of course you’d have to do a time-consuming manual search for it but you’d find it.

At TRAVLR, we offer a curated database of everything you need on a trip AND offer you the best prices from our partners, all on one website. And the subject matter experts (aside from our incredible team) are essentially people like you—travellers! Get inspiration for your trip from other globetrotters’ shortlists and itineraries, or check out our personal recommendations and insider tips on different areas.

Sign up for a free account to access our exclusive deals and start planning your next trip, it’s that easy. We’ve done the hard part of compiling information and organising them for easy browsing; all you have to do is start shortlisting your favourites venues and adding them to your online itinerary. And when you’re happy, you can book your flights, accommodation, activities and tours, all directly on the TRAVLR site.

While travel agents can come in handy when you’re planning complex itineraries, sometimes they just can’t make it happen and you’ll be left feeling even more frustrated. As avid travellers, we get the difficulties in planning certain types of trips and are always happy to help you put together something that suits your needs and budget.

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If you’ve got a trip in mind that you need help planning, the TRAVLR team has your back, always—just drop us a note at and we’ll get right on it!

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