The 5 Stages of Travel

According to Google there are 5 stages to travel

Dream, Plan, Book, Experience and Share. TRAVLR closes the loop on all these. It makes brochures, travel books and travel agents pretty much obsolete.

Of course, the perfect vacation always begins with a dream. Dreaming of proposing to the love of your like at sunset in the Rock Bar in Nusa Dua, riding a horse bareback on the shores Namale beach in Fiji, or riding the perfect wave in Bali. This dream, now more than ever before, begins with the photos and videos our friends and others post on social media.

 The second stage is clearly planning that perfect trip. The dates, the flights, accommodation and things to see and do. That is the followed by visiting other sites to book your flights and accommodation separately looking for that best discounted fare and sometimes even endless phone calls to the airline or hotel to finalise payment due to a glitch on their online booking.

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